DHL, a support for fresh product logistics

If over the past 10 years Italian exports have grown by over 50%, in the same period the food sector has seen an increase by 5% only. The unexpressed potential of this sector is therefore very high and the world of logistics can play a key role in supporting Italian excellences that want to open up to internationalisation. DHL Global Forwarding has developed a series of centres located in Italy, dedicated to the shipment of perishable products. These solutions were born from experience and specialization in the pharmaceutical sector, which represents almost 25% of the turnover of this multinational company, and for which a constant temperature must be guaranteed in all stages of transport.

The logistics multinational has thus opened seven competence centres dedicated to perishable products: ‘Food & Perishable’ in Milan, Rome, and Naples and ‘Fruit & Vegetable’ in Turin, Verona, Cesena, and Bari. In these collection and sorting centres, which are equipped with cells to maintain a constant temperature between 2 and 8° C, workers prepared for the management of such perishable goods as cheese, meat and derivatives, fish products, fresh drinks, fruit and vegetables operate. The products are placed in passive containers, the ideal choice also in terms of costs, especially for fruit and vegetables, where there are lower margins. The products are then transported by road and subsequently by air or sea to the planned destinations. In particular, transport by air is privileged for goods arriving in the markets of North America and the Middle East, while the option by sea is preferred for South America and Far East. As for Europe, transport is mainly done by road.


Passive containers for fresh shipments

One of the most suitable solutions to maintain a constant temperature for perishable products is the use of passive thermal containers, mainly composed of reinforced double-wave cardboard, which acts as a barrier to the external heat, lined inside by a thermal blanket with adequate thickness. The products are stowed in the container and interspersed in various layers with refrigerant.

Sensitech & ColdStream

Sensitech Company is part of the United Technology group and creator of the famous Ryan, dating back to a century ago. Over the years, Sensitech has developed many solutions that guarantee both integrity and efficiency of the supply chain: ColdStream is a series of services based on sensors and detectors that integrate into shipments to ensure product quality and compliance; SensiGuard was developed thanks to the skills in cargo security for the protection of valuable cargoes; finally, Sensiwatch guarantees real-time visibility for the management of transit shipments and orientation to operational improvement.

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