Le Carline, Veneto organic wines

carline rosso nuovo con bicchiereFine grapes, rich in intense aromas, vinified according to the oldest wine-making tradition by means of advanced equipment, which allow obtaining an excellent and healthy final product: this is the production philosophy of the agricultural company Le Carline. It is located in the heart of the oenological DOC Lison-Pramaggiore, among the provinces of Venice, Treviso, and Pordenone. Since its establishment, in 1988, this company has produced organic wines with respect for nature and the environment. Daniele Piccinin, the owner, from the beginning has applied himself to improve the quality of his typical wines, characterized by the absence of sulphites and other adjuvants. 

The wines

lison DOCG classicoThe Lison DOCG Classico identifies one of the most significant productions of the territory. It is one of the most popular organic wines by ‘Le Carline’. It is produced in 10,000 bottles a year and exported through specialist importers in several Countries, including Switzerland, China, Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland, Japan, and Denmark. It is characterized by an important and distinctive label, whose graphics reminds the traditional iron of the Venetian gondola. It is characterized by a straw yellow colour with golden hues and an intense scent, with fruity and floral notes, while its flavour is typically soft, very persistent, with elegant hints of almond. It is ideal for tasty first courses, fish, and white meats.

Pinot Grigio DOC VeneziaThe Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia is another wine characterized by a big personality, clear with light copper-colour shades, a dry taste, a persistent scent, which reminds bread crusts, and dried herbaceous essences. It is realized in about 20,000 bottles a year, and it is exported abroad. It combines at its best with fish appetizers, courses prepared with herbs, and white meats.

The flagship of the Carline’s production, then, has always been the Carline Rosso IGT Veneto Orientale matured in cask, produced with selected grapes of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Refosco in about 5,000 bottles a year. It is characterized by a garnet red colour and a wide and intense bouquet, with hints of vanilla. The dry, velvety, and pleasantly bitter taste of this wine makes it ideal in combination with red meats, braised meats, and game.

These three wines have been winners of numerous awards at a national level and not only. They are packaged in cartons consisting in 6 bottles of ml 750, using recycled and recyclable materials, preferring the use of lightweight bottles which reduce the consumption of glass and waste, in line with the eco-sustainable philosophy of the company. For a lot of time, this company has implemented behavioural and operational solutions in order to reduce the CO2 emissions. 

Daniele Piccinin on the right with his wife Diana and their children

Daniele Piccinin on the right with his wife Diana and their children


Towards China
Daniele Piccinin is proud of saying: «We only use grapes produced in accordance with the rules laid down in the EC Regulation 834/07, in respect of nature and environment which surround us. Our wines are in line with the requirements imposed by EU Regulation 203/2012 for organic wine and the Regulations for the products for vegetarian and vegan consumers. Our production is certified by the Environmental Ethics Certification Institute (ICEA). We obtained different certifications: Bio Vegan, NOP – National Organic Program Certifications, which enables us to export our products in the USA, COR – Canada Organic Regime, thanks to which we can reach Canada, and Chinese Organic certification, issued by the institution ‘OFDC’, in order to export to this emerging and dynamic Country, an interesting market that we will try to expand in the future. Finally, in order to develop and renew our corporate image, and to increase the visibility of our brand and consolidate its presence in the market, we have recently undertaken a new communication project, which includes the restyling of our logo and the graphic adaptation of our packaging, as well as informative, and advertising material».




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