Birra del Borgo: classical, seasonal, and… ‘bizarre’ beers

Birra del Borgo, founded in 2005 by Leonardo Di Vincenzo, is located at about 800 metres above sea level, on the foothills of the Apennines, between Lazio and Abruzzo, in the municipality of Borgorose (in the province of Rieti). It can boast the quality of the water it uses for producing some labels which are already appreciated in Australia, United States, and Far East, especially Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. These markets are difficult, because the consumers who are fond of beer are able to perceive the difference between consumer goods and high-end products. This happens also in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, three other Countries which boast a strong brewing tradition.

Birra del Borgo exports its beers both in bottles and kegs.

Leonardo Di Vincenzo

Leonardo Di Vincenzo

More than 9 thousand hectolitres of beer
The quality of raw materials and the mastery of the production techniques have allowed Di Vincenzo to occupy a leading position in the Italian scene of artisan breweries, thanks to such important reference market as the one of Rome, where a growing interesthas developed for higher range labels.
Luca Sabatella, marketing manager of Birra del Borgo, explains: «The water which allows producing our beer is ‘local’, but almost all the other ingredients we use are Italian. As a matter of fact, the malts come from cereal crops grown at Pomezia, just south of Rome, and the propagation of yeasts occurs in our laboratories. As for hops, we purchase them from manufacturers in the United Kingdom, USA, and Australia, who have at their disposal well-aromatic varieties, ideal for quality beers with an exclusive character».
While experimental crops of hops are currently in progress in different regions of Italy in order to offer the possibility of producing a 100% Made in Italy beer, Birra del Borgo insists on the creation of genuine and at the same time intriguing products, proposed in its three lines of beers: ‘Classiche’, ‘Bizzarre’, and ‘Stagionali’, which together at the end of this year will exceed 9,000 hectolitres.

Le Classiche

  • ReAle


    ReAle (6.4% alcohol) beer is inspired by the English ‘India pale ale’ beers of the end of '700 and distinguishes itself for its abundant hops, with aromatic American varieties. It is characterized by an amber colour and in the glass shows vivid reflections of light, while in its scent citrus notes (grapefruit and orange) prevail, with a pleasant hint of pepper. Its effervescence is small, as it happens for traditional British beers; on the other hand, it shows a good body with a touch of bitterness on the finish, which persists for a long time. The recommended combination of this beer is with ripe goat cheeses, spelt soup, and spicy courses.

  • Duchessa (5.8% alcohol) is a saison beer characterized by a strong golden colour with flashes of orange light. It is very special thanks to the use, among raw materials, of spelt cultivated from immemorial time in the nearby Parco Regionale dei Monti della Duchessa, from which it takes its name. The beautiful hat of dense foam that is formed by pouring it into the glass does not prevent it from releasing a wide spectrum of flavours, which range from fruity (especially banana and pineapple) to floral ones, with a slight and pleasant peppery note. It is very refreshing and it is excellent as an aperitif or for accompanying the Robiola cheese or delicate seafood entrees.


    Keto Reporter

  • Keto Reporter (5.2% alcohol) is definitely out of the ordinary. It is a porter beer with ‘Kentucky Toscano’ Tobacco, with which the famous national cigars are produced. A beer black as the absolute darkness, but rich in spicy aromas. Its taste is characterized by a slight acidity, accompanied by a touch of spicy which persists for a long time, despite its low alcohol content.

Le Bizzarre

These beers are the most original labels proposed by the brewery. They are available in limited quantities and in different formats: bottles, drums, and barrels, depending on the types. They are the result of successful trials.

  • Equilibrista


    Duchessic (5.3% alcohol) is a saison beer characterized by an amber colour, born working on the Duchessa beer in a sort of collaboration with the Belgian brewery ‘Brasserie Cantillon’. It is a beer, which combines in a unique way the characteristic fresh acidity, typical of a limbic beer, with the gentle and delicate notes of the Duchessa beer.

  • Equilibrista (10.9% alcohol) is even more experimental. It is obtained from the assembling of must of Sangiovese grape with equal parts of Duchess’ must, so creating a unique ferm
    entation, in a kind of alchemical reaction.
  • Castagnale


    7ipa (7% alcohol), golden coloured, is a homage to hops, because it contains seven varieties of it: columbus, Hallertau Magnum, simcoe, cascade, ella, victoria secret, and summer. These hops are used in the different production stages, from mashing to dry hopping. Intense aromas of citrus and light herbal notes are obtained. The taste which characterizes this beer, distinctly bitter because of the abundance of bitter raw materials, makes it a suitable product for consumers who appreciate hops.

  • Castagnale (4.1% alcohol) is suitable in combination with soups as well as meat and cold cuts, slightly smoked, too. It is characterized by a golden colour with amber hues and it is obtained with the use of dried chestnuts in chestnut wood smoke for a few days, in order to support the barley malt in a concentration of 50%. Its very fine foam acquires a beautiful ivory colour, while its scent is characterized by smoky notes and hints of chestnut honey. Its taste is soft and enveloping.


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