La Lanterna, only eggs and flour

Tortelloni variLa Lanterna was born in 1955 and owes its name to its founder, whose origins were in Emilia. The founder moved to Genoa because he loved this city, known as the Lantern's city. Here he created an artisan workshop to which he gave the name of the symbol of the city itself. After a few years, the founders decided to go back, moving to the centre of the triangle formed by the provinces of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara. In a little time, their Company became one of the leaders in the production of fresh egg pasta, stuffed and not.

Claudia Ferri, the owner, explains: «Our more than fifty year long experience has allowed us to develop both technology and services which guarantee to our consumers high quality standards, thanks to the search of genuine and top quality raw materials, absence of added preservatives or thickeners in the stuffing, scrupulous attention to customers’ requirements, and compliance with all the rules related to food safety».tagliatelle paglia e fieno

La Lanterna proposes a wide range of typical products of the Emilian cuisine, such as 'Tortellini', the product of this Region par excellence, stuffed with meat, or in differentversions depending on the size and combination of the raw materials. For instance, 'Al turtlén', the classic very small tortellini for soup, or 'Il Casareccio', of medium size, suitable for seasoning with cream, and also 'Tortelloni', 'Ravioli', 'Cappellacci di zucca', with pumpkin; 'Tagliatelle', in the ‘Paglia e fieno’ version, too, as well as with nettle, 'Taglioline', 'Pappardelle', 'Spaghetti alla chitarra'; 'Conchiglie', 'Campanelle', 'Farfalle', 'Gramigna', 'Garganelli', the last two also in the 'Paglia e fieno' version; 'Pasta al forno': 'Lasagne', 'Cannelloni', crepes, 'Nidi', and 'Rosette'.

All the stuffed pasta can include meat and salami, or ricotta cheese enriched with chicory or spinach, or even with such combinations of flavours as Pesto and Potatoes, Potatoes and Shallot, Potatoes and Bacon, Chicory and Bacon, Asparagus, Salmon.Ravioli ricotta e spinaci

The line of handmade products is refined, with such gastronomic specialties as 'Passatelli', the typical pasta  of Emilia with a strong component of ‘Grana’ cheese, traditionally eaten in soup, or seasoned with mushroom sauce, radicchio sauce, or other sauces; the soup 'Zuppa imperiale' with cheese, butter, nutmeg, entirely made by hand.

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