Inaudi: mushrooms, truffles, and delicacies from nature

Inaudi is a company specialized in the production of culinary delicacies prepared with truffles and mushrooms. Its success has crossed national borders and its products are appreciated in Europe, United States, Japan, Hong Kong. This tradition was already born in the 50's, in a small grocer’s shop owned by Inaudi family, where mushrooms took the 'king's’ share alongside with other products during the seasons of harvest. The young Clemente Inaudi believed and invested in this products, and at the end of the ‘60 he specialized his activity not only in the sale of fresh product, but also in its processing and following preserving in oil. Both mushroom and truffle, two specialties of Piedmont, became the basis of the new company Inaudi, established in the early '70s, at Borgo San Dalmazzo in the province of Cuneo.

Emiliano Inaudi, the third generation , proudly says: «From cleaning to preserving, every operation is carried out by hand, in order to guarantee the utmost genuineness».


emozioni_porciniInaudi proposes a wide choice of mushrooms in oil, such as the rare black-headed Porcino mushrooms, ‘Boletus pinicola’. This variety is the most sought after and appreciated one by connoisseurs. Its pulp is very compact, characterized by a sweet and fragrant flavour. They mainly grow in medium and high mountain, and, alongside with mushrooms characterized by a pale head, are a great appetizer or a fine garnish for many courses. There are also other varieties of mushrooms, such as ‘Funghetti d’autunno’, ‘Cappe di funghi’, ‘Funghi di muschio’. They are all fleshy and substantial. They are cooked in the same flavouring liquid used in order to flavour Porcino mushrooms and preserved in olive oil. Dried mushrooms obtained from the best fresh porcino mushrooms are delicious.

... and Truffle-based

ina_la_tartufata2 (2)Only the best white and black truffles are selected by hand by experienced staff, in order to be packaged natural in jars. ‘Tartufata’ is the flagship of the production. It is a cream prepared with white truffles and porcino mushrooms. The range of such seasonings as the concentrated ones with truffle and porcino mushroom includes: creams, appetizers, ready to use seasonings, such as 'Tartufella', 'Sapor di Tartufo' and 'Perla Nera', excellent on all warm courses, which meet the most demanding consumers.

These products are refined and valuable in their packaging, too. Emiliano Inaudi explains: «The packaging of these products is mainly characterized by a line of cylindrical jars, with simple design, but elegantly ‘dressed’, in order to give prominence to the product they contain. Over the years, our Company has widely diversified its production, in order to offer to our customers a wide range of delicacies».

Specialties, creams and sauces, seasonings, appetizers

00052The line 'Specialità' proposes some noteworthy products: 'Tagliatelle’ and ‘Tagliolini’ in different flavours,'Polenta e Riso con funghi Porcini e tartufi’, and the precious saffron; the line 'Creme e salse’ proposes: concentrated creams, typical sauces of Piedmontese tradition, prepared with the simplest ingredients of both Piedmontese and Mediterranean cuisine, ready to use seasonings, in order to garnish canapés or flavour warm first courses, meat, and boiled vegetables.

The line ‘Condimenti’includes ‘Tartufato Bianco’, ‘Tartufato Nero’, and 'Funghiotto', aromatized seasoning with porcino mushrooms, balsamic vinegar-based seasonings, and flavoured seasonings.

And typical Piedmontese starters are ‘Antipasti', such as ‘Peperoni farciti’, ‘Giardiniera’, ‘Peperoni e tonno’, ‘Peperini’, ‘Lumache al verde e alla diavola’, or the ones prepared with vegetables, such as ‘Pomodori secchi’, ‘Carciofini’, ‘Aglio marinato e con peperoncino’, excellent alone or as a garnish.

The new entries are: the seasoning ‘Aceto balsamico al tartufo’, a peculiarity with truffle slivers and natural juice of truffles; ‘Sale rosa dell’Himalaya’ enriched with truffle slivers; 'Limolì', a fragrant seasoning prepared with extra virgin olive oil and lemons from Gargano; ‘Tartufi dolci delle Langhe’, delicacies of chocolate with IGP hazelnuts.

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