Italian cheeses ready to conquer Japan with JEFTA

It is the most important commercial agreement ever signed by the European Union, operative from February the 1st,  and it is destined to completely change the trade between the European Union and Japan. With the entry into force of JEFTA, explains Assolatte, it will be easier for Italian dairy companies to sell their products in Japan and thus satisfy the demand of a country that in recent years has become a great lover of Italian products, starting with cheeses.

The agreement provides for a gradual reduction of tariff barriers for hard cheeses - now subject to a tariff that is close to 30% of their value - and an increase in quotas for the importation of blue, soft and melted cheeses.

"JEFTA puts us in a position to improve our presence in a market that is already very important for Italian dairy exports, given that Japan is our third non-EU destination - says Giuseppe Ambrosi, president of Assolatte - Tariff liberalization for dairy products and the protection of our Geographical Indications foreseen by the agreement will contribute to increase Italian cheese exports to Japan, which is the first cheese buyer in the world".

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