Chocolate of Modica PGI is the first Geographical Indication product with a “Digital Passport”

The first Geographical Indication product with the "Digital Passport" was presented in the latest edition of the Sigep of Rimini. The project, started with the Consortium for the Protection of Chocolate of Modica PGI, was created by the State Printing Office under the supervision of CSQA Certifications and the Qualivita Foundation.

This solution, on a voluntary basis, applied to the Chocolate of Modica PGI, is addressed to the numerous products of the agri-food chain and is integrated with the identification and traceability systems provided for the designations of origin. It aims to allow companies and consumers to immediately check the supply chain information and product authenticity, thanks also to new communication functions.

Central system tools are a mark and an APP with a technological solution based on the combination of two fundamental elements: security printing and digital features. The personalized label, created with advanced security printing systems, is affixed to each package and is connected to the free "Trust Your Food" APP, designed to allow the consumer to access the Digital Passport of agro-food products, verifying in a simple traceability and genuineness of the product.

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