In China there is a good perception for Made in Italy furniture, fashion and enogastronomy

During the Belt and Road Summit organized in Shenzhen by The European House Ambrosetti and the China Development Institute, Silvana Ballotta, the CEO of Business Strategies, said that "the Chinese turnaround on imports announced by President Xi Jinping starts from its upper middle class. The survey we carried out on the Chinese upper class shows how Made in Italy is well positioned compared to the main competitors, in particular on furniture and design, with 41% of the preferences against the 21% Made in Japan and the 16% of Made in France".
According to the sample, taken last Summer by Business Strategies on 2,000 representatives of Beijing, Shanghai, Canton and Hong Kong, made in France prevails in the fashion and accessories sector - where it is best represented in the 38% of the answers - and above all on wine , with 62% of preferences. In both cases the second protagonist is Italy, with 27% and 22% respectively. Made in Italy silver medal is also in food behind Japan, while the United States is more representative in the automotive industry.

For the CEO of Business Strategies, “China has not yet fallen in love with Italy, but Italy has all the credentials to court it with better results in the near future, when the great works will shorten the distances, including cultural ones, between the two countries. Travel (55%), food of foreign origin (47%), fashion (43%) and foreign wines are at the top of the list of products on which the wealthy Chinese expects an increase in their spending in the next 2-3 years".

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