Illycaffè together with Alessi: Italian excellence redesigns Mocha coffee maker

Laura Seguso

In a time when home espresso machines meet with great success, Illy surprises with a countertrend move and brings up again the coffee maker. Today it presents a new concept boiler, designed in collaboration with Alessi.

  • After analysing the processes which take place inside mocha, the ideal shape was identified for obtaining the best coffee extraction, enhancing the flavour. The geometry of the internal structure of the boiler of ‘Pulcina’ allows completing the coffee brewing, eliminating at the end of the extraction process the so called ‘Strombolian effect’, which causes burnt and bitter aftertaste. So, the ideal result of an ideal extraction of coffee at home as well as in the coffee bar is obtained.
  • Andrea Illy, chairman and CEO of Illycaffè, says: ‘This mocha interprets the passion for excellence that has always distinguished both Alessi and Illy brands. It helps to spread the way of preparing espresso, authentic symbol of Italian lifestyle in the world’.
  • Alberto Alessi, President of Alessi SpA, explains: ‘Production of the best coffee for Illy and creation of the most beautiful espresso coffee maker for Alessi are two family histories. I think I can say that this coffee maker represents a milestone in the research of shape optimization in order to improve the organoleptic properties of coffee prepared with mocha.

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