I due Mastri: the project of a 100% Italian beer… hop included

birreiduemastriCristiano Settesoldi and Giacomo Fabbri, founders of the craft brewery ‘I due Mastri’ of Prato, a Tuscan town a few kilometres from Florence, achieved the success they deserve. Their ambition now consists in producing a 100% Italian beer, hop included, which however is the less available ingredient in Italy. «The plant needs a strong temperature range and a remarkable humidity. For this reason, it is now necessary to get in supplies in the most suitable areas for its cultivation, namely the ones of Northern Europe. However, we have begun a testing with Coldiretti and the University of Florence, thanks to which in a few years we will have at our disposal Italian hop in order to produce what will be a made ​​in Italy beer in all respects».
Already in Asia and America
Cristiano and Giacomo’s passion, two young chemists who said goodbye to the textile industry for which they worked, in order to turn their hobby into a job (in their spare time they had already refined their skills as homebrewer), led them first of all to be known and appreciated in their Region, then in Italy, and then abroad, thanks to their participation in several events and thanks to the boost offered by local Tuscan promotion institutions. Cristiano recognizes: «They have been very active. With their support, we took part in international events, very helpful in order to be appreciated outside the Italian borders». And this happened very far from here: the stylized profile which represents the two businessmen friends, and which appears in the shield that distinguishes the labels of their beers, in fact, has already arrived in China, Hong Kong, and Mexico. It is found in several stores in Paris, too, and should soon arrive in the United States and in Norway, where the regulations concerning alcoholic beverages impose very strict bureaucratic procedures, especially for the importers.
‘I due Mastri’, Cristiano and Giacomo of course, love to experiment, but with the aim of emphasizing an Italian taste, made of drinkability and ability to accompany the most typical foods of the national cuisine. «Many mass consumptions beers are produced to be consumed with sausages, shin, or fish and chips, according to the Anglo-Saxon habits. On the other hand, we stimulate the consumer to combine our beers to national courses».
The ‘Suprema’  
In the wide catalogue of the beers produced, the ‘Suprema’ line stands out. It consists of three labels with no inferiority complexes for wine and packaged in cl 75 bottles. Cristiano says: «With the help of time, we would like to transfer to our beers the concepts of cellar, reserve, and attention typical of the wine culture».
There is the ‘Suprema Bionda’  (4.9% alcohol), characterized by a golden colour and slightly spicy, with fruity aroma and a fine, compact foam. Its malty taste reminds ripe fruit, with herbal and resinous notes. At table, it goes well with thinly-sliced raw meat (or fish) dressed with oil and Parmigiano cheese, or bresaola and garden rocket or baked rabbit.
The ‘Suprema Ambrata’ (6.2% alcohol), which takes its name from its colour, is characterized by a malty scent, with a memory of hazelnut. Thanks to its delicate, buttery and malty taste, this beer is suitable for cold cuts and roasted pork meats. Its content in alcohol is raised by the careful addition of sugar, which allows the yeast, by turning it, to increase its alcoholic strength without burdening its body.
The ‘Suprema Rossa’ (6.5% alcohol) is characterized by a brilliant ruby colour. It is a double malt beer which in the glass gives off a nice hat of fine and persistent foam, with the aromatic imprint of ripe fruit. Its taste is strong, malty and robust, ethylic, with an extraordinary complexity thanks to which it is worth competing with the best Tuscan wines. Hence the recommended combination with the ‘Tagliata al lardo di Colonnata’ as well as with the most typical cold cuts of the region derives.

Spreading the culture of special beer to everyone
‘I due Mastri’ produces high fermentation beers only, packaged in cl 33 and cl 75 bottles and not returnable l 20 drums. The ability to diversify and meet flexibly and quickly the demand led the company (which expects to close 2014 with a production of 1,000 hectolitres) to supply established chains of the modern retail trade, too, with dedicated labels. This Tuscan brewery supports is able to meet the needs of every consumer, by creating such visibility materials as exhibitors and leaflets. Cristiano comments: «The points of sale which interact with their customers in the diffusion and spread of the culture of special beers create moments of aggregation between the producer and the consumer. So, it is possible to make these beers constantly available at any time of the year. This helps a lot the small producers in the area, by encouraging a micro-economic circuit for a short and direct chain which can be repeated in exports, too».

Two really special labels
guru33-IT-v.3Among the labels proposed by I due Mastri, the ‘Guru pale ale’ (4% alcohol) is noteworthy. It is prepared with Tuscan sorghum and it is characterized by a golden colour, with an aroma of malt and bread crust. It goes well with first courses seasoned with tomato or vegetables.

ebe33-IT-v.3The ‘Ebe belgian pale ale’ (4.5% alcohol), too, is excellent. It is dedicated to Zeus and Hera’s daughter, the symbol of eternal youth and vitality. It is brewed by using bitter orange and coriander, too, two ingredients which associated with the malt allow citrus notes to emerge in the aroma of cereal notes. It is characterized by a golden colour, balanced taste, slightly resinous, with sweet and herbaceous final. It is ideal as an aperitif, and at table goes well with fish and shellfish, with lightly fried foods or not too mature cheeses.


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