Grifal continues its international development plan

Grifal, an Italian technological company operating in the sustainable industrial packaging market, proceeds at full speed in the pursuit of its objectives, facing new foreign markets in Germany, Romania and the Netherlands.
The company established its German subsidiary based in Stuttgart, with the aim of supporting and developing the cArtù® market, corrugated cardboard able to replace plastics and other chemical products, in the first European market for packaging.
By 2019 Grifal will begin the production of cArtù® in Romania, thanks to the ability of the new corrugated cardboard to replace the expanded polystyrene shells in the packaging of small household appliances and coffee machines.

The solution has been so successful that some manufacturing companies, already customers in Italy, have asked to supply their sites in Romania for multi-year agreements. Grifal is therefore organizing the opening of a cArtù® production plant near the production sites of its customers.
The company entered the capital of Buxkin BV, a Dutch company active in the market of sustainable solutions for acoustic correction and interior decoration, with a share of 15% of the capital.
Grifal's business and internationalization strategy is perfectly consistent with the trends in the green packaging market, ie packaging that uses manufacturing methods and packaging materials that have a low impact on the environment and consumption of energy, the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials. In fact, recent researches show that green packaging grows faster than the "traditional" packaging sector as a whole: + 6.2% per year compared to + 4.2% in the sector, with a turnover of 132 billions $ in 2014 and a forecast for 2021 of 203 billions $.

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