Grani Futuri, a new festival about bread

In San Marco in Lamis in the Gargano area from the 17th to 19th of June there will be the first edition of Grani Futuri, a national bread event that calls for bakeries and chefs from every region of Italy to celebrate traditions and culture related to bread.

Between laboratories, paths of street food tastings, shows on regional breads and panels, tourists and the entire town of San Marco in Lamis will be involved in this great party that will be attended by starred chefs like Viviana Varese (Alice Ristorante) Riccardo Monco and Luca Lacalamita (Enoteca Pinchiorri), Nicola Fossaceca (Al Metrò), Errico Recanati (Andreina), Angelo Sabatelli (restaurant Angelo Sabatelli), Michelangelo Doria (Tenuta di Blasig restaurant).

"The protagonist of Grani Futuri - says the creator Antonio Cera, a  baker-economist - is the good and healthy bread of Italian artisan production, that is good for culture, the environment and the territory."

It takes place in Puglia, the main producer of hard wheat semolina in Italy, and it will end with the signing of the Futurist Bread Manifesto.

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