Granarolo proposes its ‘high fashion’ milk

The Granarolo's Bottega at Fico

‘Fico is art gallery. Here Italy tells how agribusiness artists work’. So Gianpiero Calzolari, president of Granarolo, sums up the value of the new food park opened in Bologna. Granarolo is present as a representative of Italian milk in the world and reproduces here its whole chain, from milking to processing. It is real miniature production cycle, which the visitors can observe from the large glass windows of the lab. High quality fresh milk, both cow and buffalo mozzarella, local cottage cheese, and yoghurt will be sold in the ‘Bottega (Store)’ adjacent to the factory, alongside with other typical cheeses representative of all Italian territories, for a tour of Italy concerning dairy productions, guided by skilled staff. ‘We will also welcome all the buyers who will come to our farm (a few minutes’ drive from Eataly World): Granarolo is ambassador not only as for dairy productions, but also for other typical Italian products; so, it is important for us to appreciate the Italian know-how, showing it in its variety and integrity’.


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