Amadori opens its first corporate kiosk store

Amadori and the kiosk at Fico in Bologna

Amadori is present at Fico in Bologna with its first corporate kiosk store concerning catering: an ‘outpost’ for the customer experience of its products. In particular, the company chooses to enhance by means of both gourmet menus and street food its free range Campese chicken, obtained without the use of antibiotics, free to scratch in large green spaces, in line with the philosophy of Fico, the Italian Country Factory. It is complemented by other specialities proposed by the company in a range of traditional and innovative recipes. All this involves the visitors in a very interactive context: some touch screens allow consulting menus, but also discovering the chain, sustainability of production, and nutritional benefits of white meat. And in order to recall the outdoor life, the wooden stools of the table are pedal bikes with which it is possible to recharge one’s mobile phone in a sustainable way.

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