Gorgonzola producers association: its mission consists in opposing ‘Italian sounding’ products

GorgonzolaThe Consortium for the protection of Gorgonzola cheese has launched a promotional action in both US market and north-European one which will startin 2016. It consists in communication initiatives that aim at strengthening the role of PDO Gorgonzola abroad through the web and social networks, to which a large section of consumers turn in order to find news and recipes. Here the presence of the official channels of the Consortium for the protection of Gorgonzola cheese is fundamental to spread the culture concerning this product through the diffusion of correct indications on its origins, history, production methods, and characteristics of PDO Gorgonzola, alongside with the concepts of Protected Designation of Origin, controlled supply chain, area of ​​origin, and labelling. The American consumers do not often know these aspects, but they represent the real plus to effectively oppose Italian sounding products.

Gorgonzola02In particular, the US market is central for the export of Italian food and wine products, considering that in the first eight months of 2015 exports to the USA increased by 23.6%, amounting to a value of 2.34 billion Euros (data provided by Federalimentare). Of them, 179 millions are constituted by Italian PDO cheeses, which thus become the third most requested product in the United States, after wine and oil and before pasta.

However, in 2016 ‘Cheese - It's Europe’ will start. The Consortium for the protection of PDO Gorgonzola cheese will undertake this promotional program, together with the producers associations of Parmigiano Reggiano and Asiago, in four European Countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary. gorgonzolaThis programme provides media campaigns, local food and wine events, information material in the different languages, public tastings, educational events for staff of large-scale retail trade and even more, which must be developed alongside with the other producers associations. This programme has just received the authorization by the European Commission and has been recognized as worthy of a three-year loan amounting to one and a half million Euros (out of a total investment of 2,966,670 Euros).

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