Garbo, the frozen food from the region of Rome

Garbo produces battered and breaded frozen products according to the tradition of Lazio Region. Both batter and filling of zucchini flowers, about 150 thousand pieces a day, still today are carried out exclusively by hand, with natural ingredients and without any addition of chemical adjuvants. Purchases of raw materials are carried out in the plains of ‘Agro Pontino’, allowing the company direct control over the quality of supplies and significantly reducing the steps in the production chain.

New trend products for aperitif time. After ‘gluten free’ breaded and battered frozen product, Garbo bets on aperitif time and launches ‘Happy Mix’ and ‘Aperigarbo’ miniature breaded products. These finger foods are battered by hand. ‘Happy Mix’ packages include four breaded products: potato croquettes, stuffed olives, ‘supplì (rice croquettes)’, and fried rice balls. ‘Aperigarbo’, instead, consists of such tasty vegetables as zucchini flowers, capers, and sage leaves, essential ingredients of good traditional cuisine of Lazio.

Market research on consumer trends
As for new trends, a research carried out by Garbo on a sample of more than 2,000 customers is noteworthy. According to the data that were collected, the shape of the products influences the cooking method adopted for them. As a matter of fact, consumers tend to revive in oven products characterized by ‘squashed’ shape, while for the ones which show spherical shape frying remains particularly current. The analyzed sample also proves how consumers divide equally among the ones who cannot give up on fried food and those who prefer cooking in the oven.

The mission of Garbo
Andrea Comanducci, founder and owner of ‘Garbo Surgelati (Frozen products)’ comments: ‘We continue to invest in new products, with the awareness that our customers are continuously searching for new tasty products, with particular attention to new formats. This expansion concerning our range comes from assessments on consumption ways as well as inputs coming from our customers, including the international ones, who day after day are appreciating the quality of the products of Italian tradition’.

Garbo Frozen Products
Garbo is a leading Company in the domain of breaded and battered frozen products. The Company was established in 1991 in Bracciano (Rome) by entrepreneur Andrea Comanducci. In 2014 Garbo achieved a turnover of 8.3 million Euros, with a factory of 19,000 square metres and forty employees. The Company sells its products by 60% in the Horeca channel, 25% in retail chains, and the remainder in private label production. Local raw materials and the use of natural ingredients only are the strengths of ‘Garbo Surgelati’, which produces daily 100 tonnes of battered and breaded products and boasts working by hand for some key products, including zucchini flowers (150,000 pieces are produced per day).

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