Good Italian food depends on quality products

Foto Giuseppe Capano new 1The high level of Italian products is directly linked to the long gastronomic tradition of a Country rich in quality alimentary delicacies.

A careful research for raw material, a meticulous care of working processes, a unique ability of finding the right processing solutions for enhancing at their best both taste and flavour are the pillars at the roots of some of the best known Italian products in the world.

Aceto Balsamico, Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Mozzarella di bufala, Pistacchio di Bronte, Extra-virgin Olive Oil, Tartufo d’Alba, Pasta di Gragnano are only a small example of the many gastronomic ‘jewels’ that Italy can offer for an unique sensorial experience.

Many other products are waiting for being discovered and all of them are directly linked to the philosophy of the Mediterranean diet, consisting in sensorial pleasure, balance of body, longevity, and inner wellbeing: an ensemble of values that induced Unesco to recognize this diet as a cultural patrimony of mankind.

The final quality of an Italian dish depends only to some extent on cook’s skill, type of recipe, and aesthetical presentation: the essential requisites are both raw materials and manufactured products of the highest possible level. Only a reliable sale and distribution channel can offer this, with the guarantee of both a careful control and a scrupulous and competent choice.


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