“Good but not winning figures” for last year Italian wine

“Good, but not winning. This i show I would define the figures of 2017 Italian wine, as collected by 'Vino in Cifre 2018', the Corriere Vinicolo’s yearbook, published by Unione Italiana Vini in partnership with the Wine Observatory. The data give us a complex year for the sector that found a great boost in the domestic market, with the recovery of consumption confirmed during the Christmas holidays, but suffered in competitiveness on the exports, where we have been slowed by a bureaucratic and administrative system that caused the loss of ourleadership in the US. 2018 is therefore a new challenge, which we are ready to welcome for a new leap in quality in our sector”.

With these words, Ernesto Abbona, president of Unione Italiana Vini, comments the statistical data elaborated by Corriere Vinicolo in the eighth edition of the 'Vino in Cifre' yearbook. In the 72 pages of charts, graphs and exclusive elaborations, the evolution of the wine sector on a global, European and Italian, level is presented: from production potential to consumption, from trade to prices and, this year's news, the 'Vino in Cifre Bio', dedicated to the organic wine segment.

“If the weak production of 2017 is making its felt on the price front, with potentially negative repercussions on international markets - adds Paolo Castelletti, general secretary of the UIV - the sector is however witnessing a reawakening of the production phase, with requests for new plants that are helping to compensate for the structural erosion of surfaces. In fact, even with an authorization system that has shown various problems in the first years of application, we finally have an 'Italian vineyard' that is stabilizing around 640,000 hectares. A fact that makes us hope for the future, especially if the corrections we requested to the Ministry will be implemented in the 2018 call, thus allowing companies to obtain the surfaces needed to carry out their projects”.

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