Girolomoni flies to Japan to celebrate 10 year of partnership with Sokensha

Girolomoni_consegna_targaGirolomoni’s visit to Japan ended on March the 5th and it was a 7-day trip to thank its Japanese partner in the country, Sokensha, and to lay the foundation for a more prosperous collaboration for the years to come.
Gino Girolomoni Cooperativa Agricola president, Giovanni Battista Girolomoni, with general director, Gian Luca Bettarelli, and Locanda Girolomoni chef, Andrea Marzoli, were the members of the delegation who flew to Japan to meet Sokensha’s management.
Girolomoni_spaghetti_giapponesi“It has been 10 years since we first met. These first 10 years should be a new beginning”- said Yasushi Nakamura, Sokensha president.
“Our project with Sokensha was born to distribute in Japan organic food that we produce in Italy – said Giovanni Battista Girolomoni, President of the Italian cooperative - as well as to support and to defend an organic sector that has a soul and not just a price” .
As written by Gino Girolomoni himself in his diary from the Rising Sun country in 2007, when he formalized the creation of the relationship with Sokensha, “I am here to continue a dialogue that began many years ago, with a country that asks itself how to pollute less and to eat better, how to reduce the frantic pace of our days, to question a distorted idea of progress and technology that has made us slaves”.

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