Fresh raw materials to be enjoyed

Thanks to the best fresh raw material selection and exclusive recipes, Peperlizia by Ponti suggests ready to use side dishes to enjoy heated as well.

Peperoni Peperlizia Ponti, thanks to their exclusive bitter and sweet recipe, are ideal for starters, appetizers, snacks, and tasty side dishes; they are fancy, ready, and readily digestible. Taste them with a spelt and barley salad, a tuna tartar, or simply with anchovies.

Ortoghiotto Peperlizia Ponti is a very tasty ready side dish with: mushrooms, grilled vegetable (peppers and marrows), dried tomatoes, and black pitted olives, in sunflower seed oil. It is a versatile and excellent product, which can be very well combined with many dishes, both meat and fish.

As all the other products of the line ‘Peperlizia Ponti’, Peperoni and Ortoghiotto, too, are worked beginning from fresh raw materials and immediately placed in pots, so that crispness scents, and flavours of fresh product are preserved.

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