Fraccaro Caffè is born at Castelfranco Veneto

Barbara Trigari

Fraccaro Caffè is a new format at Castelfranco Veneto (TV) that combines hospitality, catering, and sale, embodying in a warm and welcoming space the image of genuineness of ‘Casa Fraccaro’. Luca Fraccaro, sales and marketing Director of Fraccaro Spumadoro Spa, explains: ‘It is the image of what we really are, a positive representation of our corporate ethics. Here it is possible to taste directly all our products, from the simplest to the most exclusive ones, prepared fresh every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner’. There is the desire to communicate their values, and the idea of ​​a format able to act as a container for the characteristics of ‘Fraccaro Sumador’, old bakery 1932 which still keeps yeast base and today describes itself as ‘more than a small industry, a large bakery’, as Fraccaro says.

Delicacies from breakfast to dinner

Gourmet products, coffee bar, bakery, ice cream shop, pizzeria, restaurant, and shop: all this next to the production site, where the factory outlet was always open. Every day more than 100 pastry specialities, from pralines to miniature pastries and croissants, organic and vegan ones, too, whose filling is freshly prepared, proposed with coffee for breakfast. At lunch, at both seats inside and outdoor area available for business meetings, recipes prepared with local products are proposed.

Pizza and ice cream, too

Then ‘peel wood fired pizza’, baked on baking stone, with exclusive dough in ancient biological wheat and yeast base. In addition, the bakery, with breads prepared with cereals, durum wheat and wholemeal breads, and the ice cream shop, with organic ‘Bio brioche Fraccaro’, Fraccaro flagship product distributed in many ice cream shops both in Italy and worldwide, filled with artisan organic ice cream, children's menus, and an area equipped for welcoming them. The store is mainly aimed at Christmas shopping: Panettone, sweets, all Fraccaro production proposed in gift boxes and compositions. Luca Fraccaro is the author of ‘Fraccaro Caffè’, with the dream of proposing it out of Castelfranco.

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