Extra Luxury Pasta from La Molisana, with more protein

Jessika Pini

La Molisana is an historical company in the production of pasta, located in the Molise region, one of the Italian most suitable areas for the cultivation of wheat. The company is now presenting a new range of products “Extra Luxury” with high-protein content: 15% per 100g of product, compared to the 10.5% minimum in accordance with the Italian law and considering that La Molisana’s classic range already has a high value of 14%. The company is one of the few with an integrated supply chain. The flour comes directly from the mill that is a property of La Molisana. Thanks to this process the company can control the characteristics of the raw materials that are used in the production of pasta.

There are 12 different products in the Extra Luxury range available in 500g packs. At the moment they are distributed in Italy in normal trade but soon they will also be available in big supermarket chains. Abroad, the company is testing the popularity of this product on various markets, for example in Spain and Lithuania.

The packaging and the name evoke the values ​​and quality of homemade pasta. The pack is made of paper, just like pasta shops used to do in the past. The historical logo of the company has also been used.

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