Conad Sapori&Dintorni opens inside the Central Station of Milan

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Raffaella Pozzetti

Inside the Central Station of Milan, Conad Centre North opened a new supermarket with ‘Sapori & Dintorni’ brand (Flavours & Surroundings) , the first one of this cooperative. It extends over an area of more than 1,200 square metres and was designed for an offer decidedly based on local products with own brand ‘Sapori & Dintorni’, but not just this: for the first time, a specific space for sushi is inserted, with on site preparation. Ivano Ferrarini, General Director of Conad Centre North, explains the characteristics of the format and development priorities Conad aims at in the capital city of Lombardy. ‘For us, Milan is the real challenge for the future. A success in this square means to be able to reach the first place in Italy’.

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‘Sapori & Dintorni’: with Siena, the shops are 10

In Siena Conad has already 4 sale points which employ a total of 140 people. With the new ‘Sapori & Dintorni’ shop opened in Piazza del Campo, another member, Aurelio Fontani, enters the team. He joins the historical members Duccio Carapelli, Antonella Marchi and Daniela Manca. Fontani is an experienced entrepreneur in catering, and with this new ‘Sapori & Dintorni’ he will launch the partnership with ‘Opera della Metropolitana’ for events aimed at enhancing the artistic heritage of the city as well as Cathedral of Siena.

‘L'Angolo del Gusto (Flavour Corner)’

An associate who boasts an experience in catering is important, for such a store as ‘Sapori & Dintorni’, which combines specialization in quality products typical of the territory with the opportunity of tasting the courses which are prepared inside it: ‘L'Angolo del Gusto’ just serves as catering / tasting area. The internal kitchen offers everything is needed for different times of the day between breakfast and aperitif-dinner, including such traditional courses of Siena as ‘pici’ pasta and ‘ribollita (Tuscan bean and vegetable soup)’, which can be either consumed on the spot or taken at home in takeaways packs sold at the deli counter.

A new opportunity opens in Campo

Fiorella Bianchi, CEO of Conad del Tirreno, and a Siennese born and bred, explains: ‘For both inhabitants of Siena and tourists, a new consumer opportunity opens in Campo. With our ‘Sapori & Dintorni’ in Piazza del Campo, we combine excellence of art and history of our town with the best food products of the land of Siena. And we do not do this not for business purposes only, because we offer the tasting of our specialities within the sale point. The offer of typical regional products integrates shopping with services that take advantage of our continuous working day till late’.

Some flagship of the store

The interior space, located in ‘Palazzo Petroni’, a palace dating back to the fourteenth century, is divided among delicatessen, fruit and vegetables, self-service meat, and selection of grocery food and drinks, each characterized by a specific setting. The winery is one of the flagships products: over 150 labels coming from all local areas, from Chianti of Siena to Montepulciano, Montalcino, and San Gimignano wines.

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