Ernestomeda in Toronto at the new Eataly store

Ernestomeda reconfirms its partnership with Eataly, on the occasion of the opening to the public of the first store in Canada, inside the Manulife Center, located in the Yorkville district of Toronto.
The event consolidates the partnership between Ernestomeda and the Farinetti brand, launched in 2017 with the presence of the brand at FICO Eataly World and continued with the presence of the company at Eataly Stockholm, the store opened in Sweden in 2018, and at Eataly Paris, whose inauguration in the French capital took place last April.
The area dedicated to Eataly Toronto extends over three floors of the building that houses it, for a total of 50,000 square meters, within which the peculiarities of the format are presented: a wide retail offer of high quality products made in Italy, an extensive area dedicated to catering and the market, and the Eataly School.
"We are excited for the success that Eataly continues to collect all over the world and makes us proud to be a partner in the Oscar Farinetti brand on this occasion", says Alberto Scavolini, ceo of Ernestomeda, "The common purpose of our collaboration is to bring Italian excellence in the world: the overseas opening of Eataly Toronto represents an important new step in this direction".



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