Either white or black, intensely truffle

FOTO PRODOTTI DA CD NUOVO MAR 2012 030It is said that its origin took place by a thunderbolt hurled by Jupiter near an oak tree. The first news comes from Pliny the Elder, in his ‘Naturalis Historia’.  Thanks to the philosopher Plutarch, the idea according which this precious fungus was born from the combined action of water, heat, and lightning was handed down. We are talking about the terrae tuber, the fruit of the earth, better known as truffle, whose flavour is considered by his esteemers as a kind of ‘quintessence’ with an ecstatic effect.

A tradition seasoned with passion and professionalism
The products prepared with either white or black truffle, pure or wisely mixed with other flavours, by ‘La Rustichella’, are characterized by the fine quality and the undisputed Italian excellence. La Rustichella is a company which proposes to the whole world, from its Italian headquarter at San Cesareo, near Rome, scents, flavours, colours of the Umbrian earth through the truffles which nature generously offers here.  «Our products are processed and packaged in order to be distributed abroad (Spain, Belgium, Holland, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Shanghai, USA), today from our secondary office in New York, too», says Sergio Brugnoli, owner and founder of the company, native of Norcia, in Umbria, one of the emblematic places for the valuable black truffle, Tuber Melanosporum Vitt, which is considered as the most esteemed one after the white truffle and represents, with its intense, aromatic and fruity scent, one of the ‘noblest’ and most refined culinary products. With its products - whole truffles, paté, truffle cream and ‘pesto’ - La Rustichella operates «in the sign of a mission and a corporate philosophy whose roots date back to the ancient traditions of our Country and family of origin», as the owner explains. «These ancient teachings, ‘seasoned’ with passion and professionalism, in accordance with what mother nature gives, and the goal of striving every day in order to live in harmony with it, in a careful and rigorous way, allowed ‘La Rustichella’ to achieve ambitious and important goals, so that it has become one of the leading companies and a protagonist on international markets», Brugnoli adds proudly.tartufi bianchi interi

A room for creativity
So much creativity, alongside with constant pursuit of quality, has given life to products which, once ‘tried’, will never be forgotten: white truffle paté (perfect with canapés, flat breads, pasta, flans, risottos, fish, and salads), a combination of the strong and detLayout 1ermined, and at the same time delicate and refined, scent of Tuber Albidum Pico truffle, Boletus mushroom and Agaricus mushroom; paté with black truffles, a cream characterized by a right balance between black truffle, Boletus mushroom, Agaricus mushroom, excellent with canapés, garlic bread, quiche, pasta, red meats, game, and fish; ‘tartufette’, the flagship by Brugnoli family: ‘ad hoc’ selected truffles, sliced ​​and soaked in olive oil, so that they are ready for use and can be employed for cooking or garnishing and enriching any recipe; whole truffles, for consumers who want to customize truffle cream, because it is enough to grind the whole truffle, add salt and pepper, and combine it with lightly fried garlic in extra virgin olive oil.
Among the other propolenta al tartufo neroducts by ‘La Rustichella’: asparagus cream with white truffle, for fresh courses, appetizers, risotto or pasta salad, roast beef and other similar meats; ‘mandorlive’, a young spread prepared with olives, almonds, and white truffle, which goes well with summer courses and accompanies the delicate meats of veal, chicken, turkey, or both boiled and baked fish; basil with white truffle, a spread prepared ​​with basil and white truffle, for flavouring and garnishing ‘caprese’ or cold pasta, white ‘lasagna’, salads; sun-dried tomatoes and black truffle, a cream prepared with sundried tomatoes and summer black truffle, to reinforce some courses of meat with tomato sauce, making them special. Another specialty is a cream prepared with pumpkin: thick and full-bodied, amoolio-al-tartufo-nerong its ingredients there are pumpkin and white truffle and it is ideal for seasoning all types of pasta; flour, corn flour for preparing ‘polenta’, sheep’s milk cheese, truffle honey. And do not forget ‘black and white’ oil, exquisite combination of oil and truffle, for endless uses on every course; black and white truffle vinegar, obtained by a combination of balsamic vinegar of Modena and truffles; black and white ‘acetolio’, ready and easy to use dressing, suitable for fast seasonings.
As it is important to please the eye, too, the packaging of all products are valuable, rigorously certified (‘BRC’ and ‘IFS’ standards; ISO 22000:2005 Certification).

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