A sparkling tradition

027-compoA faithful continuation of the family tradition with a production targeted to quality and compliance with the recipes of the past. This is the firm will expressed by Giancarlo, Pierluigi and Gianluca Paoletti, heirs of the company ‘Enrico Paoletti e Figli’ in Ascoli Piceno. The story of this company began around 1920 at Folignano (in the province of Ascoli Piceno), when Enrico Paoletti decided to start his own business, giving rise to a small production of carbonated soft drinks. Since that year, the company has begun its path of growth, and ‘Paoletti’ soft drinks, artisanal and with a local vocation, established themselves in all the territory of Ascoli Piceno, then in Italy, and, standing competition from national and multinational industries, in some foreign markets, too, thanks to the strength of Made in Italy, guarantee of high quality, and the recognisability of ‘Paoletti’ labels. Their retro and elegant layout has always been in line with the Italian style of the products: a charming and refined design for all the soft drinks whose protagonist is 'FrizzanTina', a historic testimonial depicted in poses which remind the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, always sensual, cheerful, and in a good mood.PAOLETTI  logo

‘Spuma’ and ‘Gassosa’ at the top
Today, as then, the way for achieving quality is the recipe, which consists in various ingredients: water, refined sugar, carbon dioxide, and the best flavours on the market. Natural flavours are the secret, a mix of extracts and vegetable essences that give to every drink a unique taste, which reminds childhood and the typical Italian style. Among these drinks, the best known ones are ‘Spuma’ and ‘Gassosa’, which were already produced 100 years ago by Enrico Paoletti and still now are the strengths of the company. compo 050‘Spuma’, realized in the two variants 'black' and 'blonde', characterized by taste of caramel and muscat aroma respectively, has always been the flagship product and the most imitated one. ‘Gassosa’, characterized by lemon essence, in the past was served alongside with wine and, since then, its recipe has never changed. Among the other products proposed by Paoletti, 027 - 09 ARANCIATAthe ‘Aranciata’ and the ‘Bitter bianco’ are characterized by the absence of colouring agents and are appreciated by health-conscious consumers, careful to the search of natural ingredients; 027 - 08 CEDRATA‘Acqua Tonica’ and ‘Cedrata’, born from the need of meeting requests coming from trade (especially from cafés), more and more interested in offering to their customers new flavours, but connected to the past; and finally the ‘Bitter Rosso’, the Grapefruit, the Lemonade, genuine and characterized by a strong flavour, and the ‘Chinotto’, with its particular flavour of citrus mixed with caramel.

Attention for image and packaging

The owners specify: «Over the last few years we have witnessed the rediscovery of ‘Spuma nera’ and ‘Spuma bionda’, which quantitatively surpassed ‘Gassosa’, the product which in the past guaranteed our more substantial sales. In addition, we have recently launched a line of craft beer and reproposed the marketing of extra virgin olive oil, whose production was started in the 50s». The image of the company, for which both a restyling and a plan of communication have been recently carried out, has been a key factor in the success of Paoletti. These elements allowed the company to attract consumers’ curiosity and distinguish itself from its competitors. For instance, the packaging of the 0,27 cl glass bottle resulted to be particularly suitable for the current trends of a modern and fast consumption, for a younger target, while the 0,18 cl glass bottle meets the taste of another typology of consumers, more interested to products which characterized the past; in addition, PET containers of any size are available. They are ideal for large-scale retail trade, from the smallest ones to the 1.5 litre bottles. Just this attention to the image, as well as the quality of ingredients, have attracted foreign specialized buyers’ interest, so that the company exports to most of Europe, USA, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

A winning determination
Paoletti identifies in the excellence of its drinks the essential requirement for the continuation of its success through the decades. It was born just after the end of World War I, lived in full World War II and got through the crisis of 1970 and the most recent economic crisis of 2008, thanks to the fourth generations of a family who has firmly kept the three factors of success: quality product, image, and customer loyalty. Today these elements, reactualized according to a modern mentality, have allowed this historic company in Ascoli – recently included in the Italina list of companies with more than a hundred year activity – to reassert itself in a different market, where the customers have changed and the competitors grew. The owners, Giancarlo and Pierluigi Paoletti, say: «The greatest satisfaction consists in being appreciated without setting an aggressive policy to any market. We have received different requests from the most varied Countries, because of the quality of our products and especially their story. This confirms that our stubbornness to follow our family tradition has been a winning strategy!»IMG_3861.

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