Divo, Italian Cheese for English Large-Scale Retail Trade

Italia Formaggi - importer of Made in Italy excellent dairy products born of the agreement between Dalter Alimentari and Gennari - presents DIVO, a new line of Italian cheeses for English Large-Scale Retail Trade. DIVO wants to propose for British consumers, who are very demanding and selective, but also curious and receptive towards new things, a range of products where the best of Italian gastronomic typical specialities accompanies English modernity. The name itself aims at synthesizing these concepts: DIVO refers to Italy, can be easily pronounced by English people, and proposes a premium identity, that is the placing target of these products. Five references are proposed: 70 g tray Parmigiano-Reggiano grated from the heart of the cheese; it contains 100% pulp, without any trace of rind. Its coarse grain makes this cheese very similar to the one that we grate at home. The 160 g - 24 month Extra Parmigiano-Reggiano slice is a premium product: its name Extra derives from hand packaging, long seasoning, and second quality control. The 80 g Italian raped vegetarian cheese is an absolutely new product in the British market. The 100 g cube strong Gorgonzola tray is an important innovation for this market, where Gorgonzola is not present in this special cut yet, ideal as both ingredient and appetizer. Finally, the tray with two packs of 100 g mixed Ricotta (sheep and cow milk) proposes for the first time beyond the English Channel a very appreciated cheese, that is not present yet in a double single-portion pack.

The DIVO range will be present in 270 points of sale both Morrisons and Ocado, a chain specialized in online sale.

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