Di Stefano Dolciaria, the Sicilian Panettone

Panettone PISTACCHIOThe old time recipes and natural, carefully chosen raw materials are just the source of inspiration for Di Stefano Dolciaria. This confectionery was born in 1986 at Raffadali, in the province of Agrigento, in the heart of Sicily, and for almost thirty years it has offered creations and delicacies linked to this land and its traditions. So, thanks to owners’ passion, love, and commitment, such carefully selected fruits as pistachio, almond, and hazelnut are transformed into some product lines: Prestige spreads, with ‘Pistacchiosa’, ‘Mandorlosa’, and ‘Nocciogolosa’; the line proposed to large-scale retail trade with sweet creams containing 13% of the raw material, and salty pesto prepared with pistachio; semi-finished products for confectioneries and ice-cream shops; baked products as almond and pistachio brittles, Colomba, and Panettone.

Di Stefano Dolciaria produces seven different flavours of Panettone, prepared ​​with high quality fresh raw materials and with a slow sourdough: traditional, covered with almond icing; with apple, apricot, peach, chocolate, pear and chocolate, and pistachio. This latter, Panettone al Pistacchio, is the product which best expresses the flavour of the sweetness of Sicily: it is characterized by a soft consistency, it is covered with an icing prepared ​​with pistachio chocolate and pistachio grain, and it contains a soft pistachio cream. Panettone Di Stefano are packed in kg 1 metal cans or wrapped by hand, in the g 750 size. Their graphics is characterized by ancient but at the same time modern elements, which evoke Sicily and its colours.

Panettone MELASicilian taste, craftsmanship, and excellence
Vincenzo Di Stefano, Production Manager of the company alongside with his brother Benvenuto, says: «Through the packaging of our products we want to communicate a very specific message: the taste of Sicily, the craftsmanship, and the refinement of our Panettone. Our strategy is quality. Therefore, we aim at expanding our export in specialized and niche markets, able to maintain the characteristics of our products, so that the brand ‘Di Stefano’ can be more and more recognized as a synonym for excellence, for homemade products.

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