Albertengo, Panettone from Piedmont

GRT_7970Traditional, with Moscato wine, with chocolate, with apricot, with coffee: there is plenty to choose from as for the artisan Panettone produced by Albertengo. This company has been present in the land of Piedmont, at Torre San Giorgio, in the province of Cuneo, for over a century. Albertengo was born in 1905, as a bakery. Over the years, it evolved, becoming a confectionery, until 1950, when, thanks to Domenico Albertengo, the first Panettone covered with icing prepared with hazelnuts from Piedmont was produced. From then on, the exciting and challenging entrepreneurial adventure lived by this family of bakers and confectioners began. In a few decades, they succeeded in bringing their brand of excellence, uniqueness, and quality all over the world. 
Tradizionale Glassato, Antica Ricetta, al Moscato
gt6z2437About 20% of the production is exported worldwide in twenty countries: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Africa are just some examples, mainly requested and distributed by buyers and specialized importers. These sweets are realized thanks to more than forty-eight hours of processing, and rigorously according to the ancient recipe of the traditional Panettone, respecting the classic proportional shapes and the characteristic softness. For Albertengo products, natural yeast base as well as raw materials and ingredients characterized by exceptional quality are used, as much as possible belonging to this land, such as wine, apricots and the IGP Langhe hazelnuts. Among the most representative Panettone by Albertengo:

Tradizionale Glassato, a low Panettone from Piedmont, rich in butter, eggs, raisins, and candied fruit, covered with a delicate icing and decorated with almonds;

Panettone Antica Ricetta, a classic sweet from Milan soft in leavening and characterized by a delicate taste, marked by candied orange and raisins;

Panettone al Moscato, born from the combination of the recipe by Albertengo with the high quality of Moscato wine of this land.


Packaging in paper, fabric, and velvet
Packaging, too, are realized in an exclusively artisan way, from the classic boxes to wrappers, from leather bags to cylinders and packs in fabric, from bags in velvet to the elegant hatboxes, so that every product and every special ingredient is represented at its best. albertengo natale 2014_p61

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