Cuomo Palace becomes a temple of pasta

The bistrot of ‘Il Pastificio Cuomo’ pasta factory opens at Gragnano. The idea is part of a project wished for years by the brothers Amelia, Anna, and Alfonso Cuomo, the fifth generation of a family who in the past has contributed to making the history of Gragnano pasta. Now the project is finally realised. Bistro is educational laboratory, a place where it is possible to taste the best artisan pasta, but also experiential space that in the future will host meetings, courses, and tasting moments dedicated to the excellences of this territory.

In the past, the family made this palace one of the historic pasta factories of that time. Today they are addressing the ever increasing number of tourists who visit the territory between Gragnano and the Amalfi Coast. The bistro will have about 32 seats, will be open for lunch and aperitif with an unusual ‘pasta hour’ formula, and will allow tasting the favourite pasta Cuomo format among a choice that will alternate on a weekly basis. The seasoning will range from the most classic to special and gourmet mixes, with an eye to local products and seasonality. Of course, large space will be given to courses with a strong bond with the Neapolitan tradition, from ‘Scarpariello’ to Pasta and potatoes, pasta omelette, baked pasta.

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