Cold cuts, three new consortia join Isit

The association of the consortia for the protection of Italian salami (Isit) welcomed three new members for the Coppa di Parma PGI, Prosciutto di Carpegna POD and Salame Felino PGI. The admission of the new consortia took place officially at the last ISIT assembly held in Parma last June.

“It is always a great satisfaction, as president of Isit - said Lorenzo Beretta - to welcome new consortia in our Institute. This allows us to be more and more representative in the area of POD and PGI salami, to create important synergies and to work towards the achievement of common goals. As an Institute, we work daily alongside consortia to implement initiatives to promote, to give value and to protect these denominations, with the aim of spreading the knowledge and culture of POD and PGI products by raising awareness of the unique and distinctive qualities of the protected salami”.

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