Cso reshapes the fruit and vegetable department

Cso is designing a new concept of fruit and vegetable department: it can already be implemented in the supermarket. And in order to do this, Cso relied on the architects of ‘Fragile’ studio in Milan. They worked on a completely emotional project, without any contamination of the tools which are commonly used by marketing. The announcement was made on the occasion of ‘Macfrut Forum’, but the actual launch should take place in February 2016.

  • Apart from the suggestion of the idea, there are few indiscretions. The project moves away from the usual concept of fruit and vegetable department. Kinds of lounges appear, with engaging and exciting furnishings and atmosphere. In these places, fruit and vegetables ‘tell’ the values ​​they bring.
  • It is a travelling format, which can be proposed to the brands of large-scale retail trade. Architect Mario Trimarchi explains: ‘We deliberately talk about people, and not about consumers. As in aesthetics there are different perceptions of beauty, for example, orchid flower is considered a rich beauty, while the equally beautiful caper flower is considered a poor beauty and would never be given to the person one loves, in the same way the consumer attributes different values ​​to fruit, but often by irrational motives, precisely linked to one’s perception.
  • Italian producers are much better than their customers perceive in the fruit and vegetable department. With this format they want to tell this.

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