Citterio’s journey through wine and cold cuts

Citterio ACitterio took the chance of last Vinitaly (in Verona from the 9th to the 12th of April”) to enhance its products better by offering a journey through some of the best Italian wines. The aim was to boost two typical products of the Italian tradition as wine and salami, through pairings and tastings.The wines were chosen to blend best with Citterio salami in a game of balance, without prevarication by neither one nor the other, while the tasting enhanced the most of the sweetness or flavor of the meats that were cut at the time and offered in different stands.

The original Milano salami was paired with wines from Franciacorta, Alto Adige Speck PGI was paired with wines from Veneto, Campagnolo salami, with a long and controlled seasoning of over five months, was in a unique combination with wines from Puglia and Mortadella Regina with wines from Emilia Romagna.Citterio B

A massive packaging eco-restyling

With the restyling of its organic line, Citterio cuts the plastic off by 60% and the pans become of recyclable paper. Citterio goes on investing in organic by starting from the packaging that  comes with a new fresh look.

The ”BIO” Citterio line is also sustainable because all the meats are packaged in trays in recyclable paper, with a low content of plastic material. The quality of the organic cold cuts is guaranteed by a product that comes from an animal of organic farming and GMO-free, raised in wide open spaces where it is free to graze.

Transparency is another value of the organic line: the entire production process is controlled and certified, described in detail by clear labeling where it is reported the origin of the raw materials and the traceability of each tray.

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