Citterio: a massive packaging eco-restyling

Citterio2With the restyling of its organic line, Citterio cuts the plastic off by 60% and the pans become of recyclable paper. Citterio goes on investing in organic by starting from the packaging that  comes with a new fresh look.

The ”BIO” Citterio line is also sustainable because all the meats are packaged in trays in recyclable paper, with a low content of plastic material. The quality of the organic cold cuts is guaranteed by a product that comes from an animal of organic farming and GMO-free, raised in wide open spaces where it is free to graze.

Transparency is another value of the organic line: the entire production process is controlled and certified, described in detail by clear labeling where it is reported the origin of the raw materials and the traceability of each tray.

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