Casearia Carpenedo’s matured cheeses land in California

Formaggio Don Olivo La Casearia Carpenedo

The Casearia Carpenedo company is located in Camalò Povegliano, which is in the Treviso province in the southern part of the Veneto region near Venice in Italy. After participating at the Fancy Food trade fair exhibition in San Francisco, it's high quality products will be flown overseas to California. Clients will be able to taste them at the well known stores of the supermarket chain "Bristol Farms" in Manhattan Beach, West Hollywood and South Pasadena.

The "Say Cheese" event
During the "Say Cheese" event, the American public can taste the best Italian food products. La Casearia Carpenedo will present all its matured cheeses but in particular the "Monteo" and the "Blu'61". The "Monteo" is a special soft cheese made from cow's milk, with a delicate flavor and silver medal winner at the World Cheese Awards 2014, London.The spearhead " Blue ' 61", cheese has an intense and aromatic flavour obtained from the ripe Rabosa Passito wine and from its crust covered with cranberries also a winner of the bronze medal at the World Cheese Awards in 2014.

Export to the US
The export market to the US is very important for Casearia Carpenedo. It is increasing thanks to the activities of in-store promotion that have been taking place for over the past two years organized by the Veneto region.

Quality Products
The company, founded in the 70s, is a real laboratory of refinement where every cheese has a special production method. Antonio Carpenedo, is very meticulous and pays attention to detail. He is careful to give each product the flavours, perfumes and experiences drawn from his life: since his time as an apprentice until now as a master refiner. Among the specialities produced is the famous "Formaggio Ubriaco"(drunk cheese), made by putting the cheese to age in wine must.



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