Birrificio Un Terzo: valuable spices and aromatic hops

It is not to know whether Enrico Terzo’s parents chose their child’s name with the awareness of influencing his destiny, creating in him the ambition to succeed in something important, in the footsteps left by the king of France who reigned in the sixteenth century. As a matter of fact, Enrico Terzo (Henry the Third) at Candelo, in the province of Biella, in Piedmont, among the many king and different noble men whose name was Henry the Thrid (on Wikipedia there are eight personalities with this name) decided to refer some of his beers to the French monarch, Catherine de' Medici’s son, as well as Renaissance characters in some way related just to this king.
Enrico tells joking: «Historically speaking, among all the personalities whose name was Henry III, the king of France is the one who left more traces. And, as I could choose, I did not prefer minor characters. Among other things, my wife's name is Luisella, the same as Henry III’s wife». Enrico, who is 48 year old, boasts twenty years of experience as a homebrewer. He gained this long experience before deciding, in 2009, to make a first attempt, proposing his beers to the market in Northern Italy. After meeting an important success, he decided to export his beers. Enrico continues: «For now, my labels are available in Malaysia, where I supply Italian restaurants managed by another entrepreneur of Candelo. He wanted to offer Made ​​in Italy gastronomic specialities, and therefore he came and visit me in my brewery, asking me to supply him with regularity».

An enthusiast researcher

Enrico Terzo

Enrico Terzo

This commercial relationship has allowed Enrico Terzo to approach the saturation limi of the equipment he has at his disposal, and with which he expects to exceed 40 0hectolitres for the end of 2014, divided fifty-fifty between bottles and barrels. Enrico Terzo is an enthusiast researcher of gustatory balances in the glass, and for this reason he devises about a beer a year. Therefore, at present he produces five beers, and seasonally some other ones, which can be sipped by connoisseurs.  Biella is a land which is well known for its centuries-old textile industries, which were born here because of the abundant waters necessary to the production process of fine wools. These waters come from alpine springs, and are excellent for producing quality beers, too, such as the ones of Birrificio Un Terzo. The beers are inspired by the American styles. For the labels proposed by the brewery of Candelo, especially hops imported from the United States, Germany, and the Czech Republic are used. Enrico explains: «I mainly use the varieties Citra, Amarillo, and Columbus, which give a very aromatic imprint to these beers, so enriching them in scent». In order to stock up with hop, Enrico goes in Belgium, England, and even Germany.
The beers

image001Margot (5% alcohol): as a real blonde ale, it is characterized by golden colour. Its scent releases floral and herbaceous notes, typical of Czech hops. The sweetness of the malt and bitterness of hop give a well balanced taste. It is dedicated to Queen Margot, King Henry III’s sister. It is excellent as an aperitif and goes particularly well with delicate courses prepared ​​with white meat and fish without sauces.

Mater (8% alcohol): its colour is intensely amber, typical of a sincere strong ale. Its taste is characterized by pronounced floral and resinous aromas, which remind pine needles, and by a soft and velvety body. The bittering note of hop is hardly perceivable, thanks to the gushing gustatory action given by caramelized malt. It is dedicated to Catherine de 'Medici, King Henry III’s mother. It goes very well with strong courses, prepared with red meats and sausages.

Duca d'O (6.5% alcohol): its colour is very pleasant strong coppery, with very bright glints.
As it is inspired by the american pale ale beer, its olfactory impact is intense and complex, with citrus notes of pink grapefruit. As for its taste, the initial sweetness of the malt is won, sipping it, by the persisting bitterness of hop. It is devoted it to the Duke of Orleans, who in 1575 became King Henry III of France. The recommended combination is with elaborate first courses, roasts, stews, and mature cheeses.

Canderium (7% alcohol): its colour is dark brown, typical of a classic dark strong ale. Its scent is complex and harmonious, with hints of spice and toasted nuts which blend with intense aromas that remind of chocolate, coffee, and caramel. Its taste is characterized by a wide and enveloping body, where the spicy impact leaves room for the predominance of cocoa and coffee. Canderium is the ancient Latin name of the city of Candelo, where this brewery has its premises. It goes well with sweet chocolate or can be sipped slowly, as a meditation beer.

365 Anniversario (6% alcohol): its look is characterized by an amber colour, slightly veiled. It comes from well malted barley and wheat, too, as well as yeasts. In its scent, spices, yeast, and sugar cane are perceived. They give hints of gooseberry and tropical fruit, delicately blended with notes of undergrowth. Its taste is soft and enveloping, with the malted component predominant on hop. With a second fermentation in bottle, it forms natural sediment. 365 days had passed after the official opening of the brewery, when this label was introduced. The success was so important that Enrico decided to continue to produce it.

Natalis (7.5% alcohol): its colour is dark hazel brown, thanks to some of the selected ingredients, such as the special malted barley and malted wheat. Its scent is complex, with a predominance of notes of dried fruit, cocoa and coffee, thanks to the use of valuable spices.
Its taste is warm, wide, and spicy. The enveloping softness of its body is supported by cane sugar.
It is seasonal beer. It releases all its character if tasted in company during the cold winter evenings. With a second fermentation in bottle, it forms natural sediment. Enrico Terzo dedicates it to the consumers who still want to dream.


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