Mazzetti d’Altavilla, Piedmont’s Grappa

Mazzetti d'Altavilla - La DistilleriaMazzetti d'Altavilla is a historic grappa factory of Piedmont which, since 1846, has distilled only grape marc produced in this land, coming from the noblest grapes of Piedmont, including Barolo and Barbaresco. The close link with its land is one of the core values ​​of the company's philosophy.

Mazzetti d'Altavilla, now in its seventh generation, is situated in the small village of Altavilla Monferrato (in the province of Alessandria) in the heart of Piedmont's hills. The production is carried out from the main product, that is grappa, in its different variants: ‘young’ grappa, ‘aged’ grappa, and Reserve. Altogether, fifteen vines of Piedmont are distilled separately in order to create the single varietal grappa. In addition, other valuable products are prepared: ‘Acquavite d’Uva’, both young and aged, Italian Brandy, at different levels of aging in fine woods, up to 27 years, Liqueurs, ‘Flambar’ Fruit in Liqueur, and ‘Zuccherini Spiritosi Zen’.

The interest shown by the market in recent times concerns especially aged spirits, such as aged Barolo Grappa and ‘Grappa Invecchiata Incontro’, obtained from Barolo and Barbaresco grapes.

Grappa by Mazzetti d'Altavilla

GRAPPE MAZZETTI D'ALTAVILLAGrappa di Barolo boasts ancient origins. It has always been made with the marc of the homonymous wine, produced in a limited territory. Grappa Incontro has been produced by Mazzetti d’Altavilla in order to propose a blend of aged grappa, strongly representative of the scents arising from Nebbiolo vine. Both are ideal in combination with toasted hazelnuts or almonds, whose flavours are among the primary characteristics of these two grappas.

Sanzio Evangelisti

Sanzio Evangelisti

SanzioEvangelisti, responsible person of export, and ClaudiaMazzetti, sales, marketing, and communication manager, explain: «Our consumers are a heterogeneous public, both male and female, even if the latter one is increasing. They are different as for their age, too. In Italy we are present in wine shops, shops, as well as the HoReCa channel, with references related to valuable gifts, too, and we have e-commerce through ourwebsite, which has shown a continuously increasing trend. The export concerns more than 30 Countries around the world, for 30% of production, most of which is destined to North America and Central Europe, where the direct importers sell to shops, restaurants, and specialized buyers. We aim at expanding our market to the ASEA Countries, thanks to exclusive distributors who share our mission. Our greatest satisfaction certainly consists in finding our products in the best stores in the world! We focus on quality and history, and hope to reach even more a premium position among spirits. For the future, we hope a strong presence in emerging markets, thanks to high level packaging, too, which can enhance the inherent quality of our products».

Claudia Mazzetti

Claudia Mazzetti

The art of packaging Grappa

Mazzetti d’Altavilla devotes very careful attention to the packaging of its products. Every detail is examined and considered thoroughly, in order to give the product an aspect which enhances the most of its quality. Valuable materials are used, such as blown glass, Bohemian crystal, fine wood boxes and labels in copper. Packs are realised with artisan methods. An elegant image is sought, which combines well with the world of art, amazing for the choice of materials. The labels show important details for recognizing both product and manufacturer. Many packs include elegant scrolls, where the origin of both product and its processing are explained.COFANETTO SINGOLO IN


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