AromanticDay, the event to discover herbs

On Saturday June 24th in the Botanical Gardens of Padova there will be the second event of AromanticDay, a  cycle of events dedicated to the use of herbs in the kitchen, an initiative organized by the Botanical Garden of Padova in partnership with Valbona,  Venetian company specialized in processin vegetables.

The event will be an opportunity for deepening botanical issues that are conjugated to a wide range of topics such as good cooking and proper nutrition. While it is true that aromatic herbs are an indispensable ingredient to make delicious recipes, these extraordinary plants also have undeniable properties. Rich in vitamins and mineral salts with low caloric intake, they often become allies in the kitchen for those who decided to follow free-from  diet or healthy eating habits.

Two showcooking during the event: one to learn how to make homemade pasta (at 16:30 held by the blogger Sara Bonaccorsi) and one to prepare fast, delicious and healthy dishes for picnics and outdoor dining (at 17.15 held by the blogger Giulia Rizzi).

The first event

The first date to discover both uses and versatility of these plants was Sunday, April 30th. Recipes, conferences, and educational workshops were proposed. Once again, the optics consists in ‘edutainment’, that is to say a mix of training and entertainment that is increasingly popular as a food communication asset.

For companies, these proposals allow strengthening territorial ties at the same time implementing the culture of using their products, in more engaging and less promotional way. Federico Masella, Marketing Manager of the company, confirms: ‘Valbona has been involved for years in spreading messages related to proper nutrition, where vegetables have a key role. We are confident that Aromantic Day will be interesting for many consumers’.

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