Almaverde starts an organic revolution

Starting from June, costumers will find on the shelves of supermarkets 23 new Almaverde ’s products, conceived with the idea of offering a range of excellence, made after a careful selection of Italian producers, with balanced recipes and very high health connotation. An all-round quality choice, from raw material, seasonings and environmentally friendly packaging research, to sustainable product selection through the use of renewable energy resources.

A series of virtuous choices that starts from the organic and goes beyond looking at the horizons of a production that makes sustainability a flag and a model for the future of the Earth.

The new products will completely replace the previous range of sauces, olives, oils, vinegars, powders and pesties with a fresh and excellent quality.

The renewed offer of Almaverde Bio Ambiente answers to the need of consumers of particular and tasty products, obtained according to the principles of organic farming, without preservatives and paying attention to environmental and ethical sustainability.

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