A new education to the quality of life

Education to the quality of life can lead us to increase our well-being, precisely starting from food and physical activity, two sides of the same coin, which must be in balance with each other. It is important to adopt a balanced diet and healthy eating rules, with few but important rules, never skipping breakfast, measuring in balanced way carbohydrates, proteins and fats, trying to consume fruits and vegetables five times a day and avoiding sugary drinks, snacks between meals, and whatever is considered as junk food.

Normal foods with healthy reputation are increasingly popular among people who do sport for health reasons and want natural products. While on the one hand some believed that ‘sport’ nutrition would become a mass phenomenon and that foods designed for athletes would become the prerogative of all - and this happened to a certain extent – the trend going in the opposite direction is by far more important. ‘All natural’ foods are becoming more and more attractive to the world of sport.

The popularity of gluten-free, lactose-free and dairy-free products has been fuelled by the perception that by avoiding a specific ingredient it is possible to feel better. Many new modes designed to avoid some types of foods are emerging, and at the same time the offer of new products is spreading, especially as for fermented foods (such as kimchi for food and Kombucha tea for drinks), which are leading the trend of the digestive well-being in interesting new directions. This is another topic that today is entering a new era thanks to new technologies, new products, and a new awareness of the effects of intestinal health on overall health.

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