2017 in the spirit of food security and sustainable food

67% of Italians state they are concerned by the long-term impact that artificial ingredients could have on a person's health. 53% would be willing to pay a higher price for food and beverages that do not contain undesirable ingredients, but only 37 % would be willing to sacrifice taste for a healthier food. These results were detected by ‘Global Health and Ingredient-Sentiment’ survey conducted by Nielsen, which focused eating habits and experiences reported by consumers in more than 60 Countries around the world as for some foods and ingredients. In recent years we are globally observing a change of consumers’ mindset. Consumers see food as a source of well-being and approach their nutrition more selectively, with increasing interest for health products. Analysts in this sector increasingly agree in recognizing a growing demand for food tradition, security, and transparency. And transparency means supply chain, origin, and protection. Guarantee about what consumers put on their table induces them to experience more, too: according to ‘Osserva Italia’ observatory managed by Repubblica Affari&Finanza with Nielsen and Conad, European citizens, Italians included, love to try new foods (47%) and 46 % say they are in search for new elements that create a real food experience. However, they never want to abandon either tradition or, of course, accurate food control.

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