2016 Macfrut promotion starts from China

2016 Macfrut edition was presented to Chinese operators in the domain of fruit and vegetables, during ‘I Fresh’ Fair, which was held in Shanghai at the end of November. This was very successful trip for the event organized by ‘Cesena Fiera’: China not only confirmed its presence for 2016 edition, but it also announced the participation of a delegation of Asian importers who work in this big Asian State.RPiraccini
At the stage in Beijing, the President Renzo Piraccini also met some representatives of the Foreign Economic Cooperation Center, the Institute that works in order to promote the Chinese presence in international fairs. China, which has been present for sixteen editions, has continuously increased its exhibition presence at Macfrut. As a matter of fact, in 2015 13 Chinese companies were present, confirming the interest of this Country for the sector concerning fruit and vegetables. This presence will be definitely implemented in 2016 edition with the main importers.
Renzo Piraccini says: ‘China is the world's largest producer of fruit and vegetables and in recent years it has also become a large market for imported products. At present, the only Italian product from the domain of fruit and vegetable that can enter is kiwi - and China has become one of the first markets for this fruit - but the formal procedures to open this market to Italian oranges are coming to an end. The scenario, therefore, is moving, and it is important that Italian companies are ready to play a leading role in this strategic market’.

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