With Pomì, sauce becomes daily luxury

From commodity to daily luxury. Consorzio Casalasco celebrates the values ​​of its flagship brand, Pomì, one of the most important and recognisable ones in the market concerning red preserves in Italy and worldwide. Its use is often associated with such dishes as pasta or pizza. The challenge Casalasco has met consists in using its Pomì brand to play a role in haute cuisine, given the presence of buyers from all over the world. Two young Italian chefs, Oliver Piras and Alessandra del Favero, did it during the showcooking sessions that took place on the occasion of Tuttofood, in Milan.

‘Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro’ -Consortium of tomato producers- manages the first Italian supply chain in terms of size in the domain of processed tomato. The brand is strongly linked to values ​​of the territory, quality, innovative packaging, attention to sustainability, ethics, and environment. The consortium has 370 associated farms, with 7,000 hectares of land located in Po plain. However, offering a new interpretation of red preserves, according to haute cuisine, allows building a different image and seize new business opportunities, especially on international markets.

Fabrizio Fichera, marketing manager, explains: ‘Our brand has a very high recognisability abroad; 60-65% of our turnover (250 million Euros in 2016, editor’s note) comes from sales in foreign markets. We serve 58 Countries on 5 continents. We think that Pomì is a brand that interprets in the best possible way Italian character, which is luxury, but also daily quality, which is a focus on basic things, too, a minimalism that is not just a concept that must be applied to design or furniture, but it is also the simplicity of such a product as our one’.

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