With Dimmidisì sandwich becomes a fresh and tasty meal

"Dimmidisì il Tramezzino Fresco" by La Linea Verde is a new product for the company of Manerbio that holds fast to its philosophy of very fresh products and now aims at widening its presence to other departments of large-scale retail trade, besides fruit and vegetable, where it is at the height of market.

Absolute freshness and utmost quality of its ingredients are at the roots of this new offer, that promises a radical changes in perception of sandwich by consumers. This product expresses a premium placement already at first sight with its packaging, a crust of bread-coloured paper bag that reminds bakery, and therefore the dimension of daily freshness. However, the product is inserted in a further transparent bag, closed in order to guarantee both hygiene and alimentary safety.

The Dimmidisì sandwiches have a rectangular shape, are abundantly stuffed and are all enriched with crisp salad. All the sauces are fresh and expressly created for the single recipes, while bread, a distinguishing ingredient, too, has been carefully chosen for its qualities of taste and softness and is proposed, according to the recipe, in its either white or dark version.

The fresh sandwiches are hand made in the plant of Manerbio in a new dedicated department, equipped with white chamber in order to guarantee the utmost hygiene during the production stage.

By means of a chromatic and evocative game, the names of Dimmidisì fresh sandwiches distinguish the four references: 'Shocking Rose' cooked ham and truffled meadow mushrooms; 'Emerald Green' calf in tuna sauce and capers; 'Scarlet Red' home turkey breast and red chicory; 'Gold Yellow' yellow fin tuna and home eggs.






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