Vincente Delicacies, Panettone with a mediterranean taste

particolare-PAN0108Vincente Delicacies is the essence of such a refined, fruitful, and authentic land as Sicily is. It  was established 15 years ago in Bronte (in the province of Catania), home of the DOP Pistacchio Verde di Bronte. Its products are the result of care and attention given to the quality of raw materials in each step of the various processes, which enhance both flavour and colour of the DOP Pistacchio di Bronte. Panettone by Vincente Delicacies is exported for 30%, alongside with the rest of the production, and it is marketed abroad by means of boutiques, wine shops, bars, specialized shops, and top range channels. It is prepared beginning from a 24-hour natural leavening with yeast base and it is available in three different varieties:

  • Pistacchio di Sicilia, with white chocolate, is a perfect marriage between the two flagship products of Sicily, chocolate and Pistacchio, which perfectly blend with their scents and flavours;
  • Cioccolato Extra Fondente, covered with dark chocolate and proposed in the version with red orange. It is a specialty prepared according to ancient local confectionery techniques;
  • Classico, with raisins and candied orange, realized by means of a 36-hour natural leavening, characterized by citrus notes, a compact, soft, and tasty dough.

An innovative and reusable packaging
Great care and attention are given to both packaging and colour combinations: each Panettone is packed with taste and refinement, and it is proposed hand-wrapped, either in hatbox or in gift box, combined with spreads prepared with either DOPO Pistacchio Verde di Bronte or DOP Nocciola.panettone + crema scatola regalo2 All the specialties proposed by Vincente Delicacies are divided into 'collections'. They can be customized according to customers’ needs and requirements. Nino Marino, member and Commercial Director, explains:  «e have been innovators with our idea of combining an elegant packaging and products of Sicilian confectionery, because no one had yet pushed forward these quality levels. The materials we use, from glass for jars to metal for the boxes, are all of great value and engraved individually, in order to guarantee that our customers can use our creations even after consuming the product».panettone cappelliera

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