PDO and PGI Salami increase their presence in Canada, USA and Japan

Jessika Pini

‘Salumi italiani tutelati (Isit – Protected Italian Salami)’ producers association carries out actions of strategic and operational coordination between 14 consortiums representing some of the most important products of Italian PDO and PGI delicatessen. In the last months of 2015 and in 2016, Isit will be present with promotional activities in the USA, Canadian, and Japanese markets. The enhancement of Italian salami and cold cuts abroad is part of the wider programme for 2015-2016, presented by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, aimed at promoting within foreign large-scale retail trade both PDO and PGI Italian products. A plan of internationalization of Made in Italy, too, will be supported by the Ministries of Agriculture and Economic Development towards the USA and Canada.

In North America at the end of 2015 an advertising campaign (TV and web) will begin in both USA and Canada, and at the beginning of 2016 a promotion campaign will be proposed in the sale points of large-scale retail trade and catering, with the insertion in menus proposed by restaurants which do not offer Italian cuisine of some courses dedicated to PDO and PGI Italian salami.

Another very interesting market is Japan, whose import from Italy, after the abolition of sanitary barriers in 2014 for most of Italian delicatessen, has seen a considerable increase linked to the appreciation of pork meat with a good percentage of fat: a taste met by the typical Italian production of heavy pigs, with its high quality products.

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