Valfrutta and Francescon: a First quality Melon ready-to-eat

Jessika Pini

The aim of the test agreement, between Valfrutta Fresco and Francescon is to develop a premium quality of melon. Francescon will deal with the supply and packaging of the IGP melon from Mantua and is the leading manufacturer of this product that will be distributed with the Valfrutta brand in new packaging.Vaschetta con 2 meloni-bis

The new packaging consists of a cardboard tray, closed with a handle, for two melons and has a total weight of approximately 2.5-3 kg. It can be clustered in three or four pieces and is fully recyclable as it is made with the Ecopunnet Sorma technology.
Valfrutta will develop the selling of this premium product with its brand in the traditional market (food and specialized retail centers) with the aim of expanding high quality products in this channel. “Francescon will ensure the continuity of this high range offer during the entire period of the commercial Melon season”. said Stefano Soli, commercial director of Valfrutta Fresco.
For the current marketing year the distribution of the Valfrutta premium melon is implemented as a test on the Italian market with the aim to extend it abroad.

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