Val Venosta… not only apples

Pinot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Moscati. Refined, delicate, unforgettable. The adjectives used for telling about Val Venosta wines, in Alto Adige, are many and all positive. Above all, their lightness combined with their rich scent made this production a successful history. Hand harvested grapes, dried on straw, allow the creation of excellences, especially for white wines with a bright pale yellow colour with musk reflections. Wines that show a sweet, pasty, and persisting flavour. A not ancient history for this land, where Italy borders Switzerland and Austria, where production of wine arrived when the preservation of the most inaccessible agricultural lands, that was considered as a problem, became an opportunity for both economy and quality.

A Happy Island

Val Venosta, a very important organic district for Europe, that in the past was a ‘paradise of apples’, during the 20 last years won world market with its production of wines, beginning from 1995, when its wines, Pinot Bianco and Pinot nero, and above all Müller-Thurgau, where recognized.

Val Venosta is a happy island with a favourable climate, that is situated in a spectacular Alpine landscape. It is characterized by 300 sunny days a year and boasts Merano, its ‘liberty door’, the thermal little town appreciated by Princess Sissi, who ventured in this valley in search of landscapes and flavours that she defined unique in the world. In the poor and sandy lands of this wonderful valley, through which a panoramic train runs, a viticulture typical of cold climates is practised. It produces very refined wines. The ancient and autochthonous variety whose name is Fraueler benefits by a special status, of which wine producers are proud. A Pinot nero of Val Venosta was awarded at the national Italian competition ‘Concorso nazionale Pinot nero d'Italia’: Blauburgunder Doc, produced by Stachlburg. It is a Pinot nero, produced by vineyards of Val Venosta cared according to organic cultivation methods and ripened for 12 months in French and Hungarian oak barrels. In this case, too, besides quality of the wine, the added value that the producers of the province of Bolzano add to every production stands out: rigorous cultivation and realization specifications, certified controls, resistance to the contaminations of mass production, careful attention to a good quality/price ratio.

Specific bottles

Creativity, a bit liberty, a lot of mountain, continuous reference to naturalness and Tyrolean mother tongue, maybe also some pride in the packagings for Val Venosta wines. It comes out of the pride of showing how wine that is not ‘awkward’ from the viewpoint of flavour can meet a big success. Its flavour satisfies the coolest and contemporary requirements proposed by people fond of wine, but both labels and packagings do not give up bright colour, expressive strength, and local pride. Here localities, wineries, and producers are well recalled on bottles and packagings.

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