Two new tastes for Leni’s Apple Juice

Leni's is the brand designed by ‘VOG Products’ for products which process at the industrial level the core business raw material of the Company: apples, especially the ones that do not end up on the market as fresh fruit. Now two new flavours are proposed. They are intended to whet consumers’ curiosity and appetite: apple juice (no added sugar or preservatives) is combined with ginger and elderberry.
‘Apple & Ginger’ Leni's juice offers a cool and refreshing combination, which matches the sweet taste of apple with slightly pungent ginger that reminds lemon zest.
‘Apple & Elderberry’ is a more traditional combination. This drink is all natural, with an aromatic touch given by the typical flavour of white flowers. Thanks to its content in fibres and organic acids, elderberry helps bowel regularity, speeds up metabolism, and plays a beneficial purifying action for human organism. Drinks prepared with elderberry are widely used in Trentino Alto Adige, the area of ​​origin of the raw material used by Leni's. Ginger is widely used in cooking as well as in the preparation of drinks, also thanks to its property of stimulating digestion. It is excellent tonic and energizing, and enhances the flavour of apple juice with its intense and lively aroma.
The two new tastes, as well as 100% apple juice, are proposed in 1 and 0.25 litre glass formats. They are equivalent to 10 and 3 squeezed and bottled apples respectively, without adding water, sugar, preservatives, and dyes. As a matter of fact, the juices are not obtained from concentrate and are not filtered, in order to preserve the full and natural taste of apple.

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