‘Tutto Conserve’, passion for sea

esposizioneTutto Conserve is specialized in the production and processing of fish products, always present in the typical traditional Mediterranean cuisine of Calabria. The fish-based products are all processed by hand with salt, sweet or spicy pepper - rigorously of Calabrian origin - without the use of chemicals or preservatives or flavour enhancers, and are well preserved at a room temperature. The Company is the result of both tradition and experience acquired by a Calabrian family which have been able to keep alive from generation to generation passion for sea, in order to produce genuine products. This success has been acquired thanks to expertise, in addition to the human component: enthusiasm, hard work, professionalism, passion, and love for work that has always addressed each company’s choice. The owner Santo Calisto explains: «Our mission consists in offering to our customers the highest quality products as for raw materials, workmanship, look, and taste, interpreting the great passion for the sea in an industrial and modern view».

Each stage of the whole production process is supervised in compliance with the most rigorous standards for food safety.

'Capriccio di Pesce' and 'Acciughe salate pepate'

'Capriccio di Pesce' is ice fish processed with spicy sauce prepared with Calabrian red pepper by adding salt, oil, and vinegar, and then packaged in jars of different weights. All the products are steam pasteurized in autoclave.

‘Acciughe salate pepate’ taste of sea. They are processed with salt, red pepper in either spicy or sweet sauce of Calabrian origin, or only with salt. They are then packaged in jars with the addition of oregano or dry parsley and are then placed in glass containers, with the addition of sunflower seed oil, olive oil, or extra virgin olive oil.


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